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Vincent 01/06/2007 18:02

Bon Week End les Homosses

mary poppins(gwendal) 31/05/2007 17:08

c bon jérome, c'est aussi fait pour déconner le blog
tant que cela reste sur des sujets qui ne sont pas sérieux

Jérome 31/05/2007 12:31

Cher Jean-Pierre COFFE,tu aurais du lire mon commentaire d'avertissement!!

Jean-Pierre Coffe (a french celeb cook) 31/05/2007 12:03

Eat KFC, fat you will be!
My advice: eat cheese and frogs.

the rosbif 30/05/2007 14:55

hi girls!
i hope that training is going well and the weather is better than here in england.  i hope that all is well generally.
charly; you are leaving?  i wont be back in france until 20/6 so wont see you before you leave.  good luck for the future and stay in touch.
as is good in england.  i have only had kfc twice though so far!
see you all soon,